Mission 316

A Different way of doing church


Let's Do Art! (Age 6-5th Grade)              Create, explore and celebrate your child's ingenuity. 

Ballet (Age 5-5th Grade)
Children will learn the basics of ballet and perform skills in a final dance routine.

Guitar(Age 7-5th Grade)
Introduction to Guitar. Lessons taught in a friendly & relaxed atmosphere.

Legos (Age 6-5th Grade)
Like Legos? The children will be learning what building blocks of faith are, while giving the fun of building with Legos.

Classes will begin  September 9th, 2018. Below is a sampling of current classes.

The Mission of

Kids Unlimited

Every child is unique and their uniqueness can be unlocked. Our coaches focus on building character and confidence through biblical principles while developing their interests and skills.  We help you train up your child according to their "own individual bent". (Proverbs 22:6)   

Every Sunday Morning

for Kindergarten through 5th grade

from 10:00 to 11:20 AM

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Changing   the World by   developing  each child's character, skills talent and passion.

Unlock your Child's Potential