Septembr 20th, 2015

M316 moves to 3 Civic Center Drive, in San Marcos .

September 13 2015

Last Sunday at the Senior Community Center


January, 2019

Kids Unlimited begins for the 11th time.

What People Say About M316

When I heard the name M316 - I didn't know what 316 meant.  Then someone said "John 3:16".  Then I understood.



Mission 316 Church

I never saw much in him as a kid, but Sam loved to talk and now that I see how it turned out, I'm speechless.



Pastor Sam's Brother

  • Meaningful worship
  • Messages that are biblical
  • Amazing and unique children's program
  • Light Brunch after service.
  • A warm, engaging congregation

Our History

Mission 316 was birthed in 2012 in San Marcos CA when a small group of men, women and children launched out in faith. The rest is well...history.

M316 meets on Sundays at 3 Civic Center Drive in San Marcos at 9:45 AM.  Everyone is invited to come and be a part of the services.  For more information, call us at 760.659.0316.  

Our Services

A team of dedicated staff serve together along with committed volunteers and a willing congregation.  At M316, there are no little people or little jobs.

Our Team


Mission 316

A Different way of doing church‚Äč