Our Team

A team of dedicated staff serve together along with committed volunteers and a willing congregation.  At M316, there are no little people or little jobs.

Our Services

M316 meets on Sundays at 111 Richmar Avenue in San Marcos at 9:45 AM.  Everyone is invited to come and be a part of the services.  For more information, call us at 760.659.0316.  

Mission 316 was birthed in 2012 in San Marcos CA when a small group of men, women and children launched out in faith. The rest is well...history.

Our History

  • Meaningful worship
  • Messages that are biblical
  • Amazing and unique children's program
  • Light Brunch after service.
  • A warm, engaging congregation

I never saw much in him as a kid, but Sam loved to talk and now that I see how it turned out, I'm speechless.



Pastor Sam's Brother

When I heard the name M316 - I didn't know what 316 meant.  Then someone said "John 3:16".  Then I understood.



Mission 316 Church

What People Say About M316

December 7th 2014

Kids Unlimited will perform in the GRAND FINALE


27 July 2014

Captain Roy Fondren rocked the house!

14 September 2014

Larry VanLaar gave a great message.

Mission 316

A Different way of doing church‚Äč